Benefits of Website Localization Services

Benefits of website localization services

Since 2000, TransHome has become the best website localization company in Egypt and the Middle East. It has one of the best native speakers team who can provide professional website localization solutions in time with high quality and competitive prices. 

Website localization services are one of the best ways for professional translation websites.

Website localization is a process that involves translating all the content of a website from one culture to another. The strength of website localization lies in making the website language the language spoken by the native people. 

In short, the process of website localization consists in changing all aspects of the website, such as design, content and images, and expressions, to a format that suits the target market.

Benefits of website localization services

Breaking language barriers

A non-localized website requires many efforts from visitors to translate the website content, which reduces the number of visitors to your website, because they don’t understand the website content. This is one of the most serious mistakes that website designers make. We can help you localize your website in order to target new markets, which leads to gaining global fame, improving brand image, and competitive advantages.

Gaining global fame

Website localization services help you go beyond geographical barriers and target new global markets, which makes your brand world-renowned.

Improving brand image

Localizing your website into several languages and dialects helps improve brand image because it gives visitors a good impression about your company, which increases the chance of it becoming a potential customer.

website localization solutions

We use one of the best website localization tools, to provide the best website localization solutions that help you adapt your website to the local language and culture in the target market and target new audiences all over the world. 

What is the difference between translation and localization?

Translation means keeping all nuances from your initial text and reflecting them in a target language. On the other hand, localization is more complex as it involves adapting all nuances so they would be understood by the target audience, not only on a textual but also on a cultural level.

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