The Greatest Contributions of Arabic Translation to Humanity


Arabic translation has contributed greatly to humanity with these contributions felt in modern times. People across the Arab world continue to benefit from accurate Arabic translation every hour whether they are young people, business professionals, entrepreneurs, medical students, or retirees. Fiction and nonfiction books, e-books, websites, and apps are the basics of modern life and should be accessible to all. Professional Arabic Translation makes these paper-based and web content pieces usable. Language service providers with experience ensure that Arabic translation continues to benefit all native Arabic speakers and improve their quality of life and business growth.

Let’s have a look at some of the most notable paper-based works and digital content that weren’t originally written in Arabic and how they continue to benefit people across the Arab world in their Arabic form.

The best books offer us a wider perspective of life and let us learn from other cultures, live in someone else’s place for a while, or travel without paying more than the price of the book. The entertainment and knowledge in some of the world’s most treasured literature would have been lost to those who were not fluent in the author’s language. Arabic translation that takes into account the Arab culture and its varying word usages allows Arabic speakers to enjoy these books just as the natives of the original language did. Famous books, like The Adventures of Pinocchio and The Alchemist, are read for pleasure as well as to gain personal enrichment.

Depending on the quality of translation, experience of the Language Service Provider (LSP) company handling the project and the degree of cultural competence of the specialized translator, even a book’s comedic elements will be preserved. This is how the Arab world continues to enjoy foreign movies with subtitles, dubbed television series, and other media with or without voice-over.

Medical students across the Arab world use digital and paper-based versions of respected medical references during medical school and later as physicians. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders(DSM-IV), a popular and highly-respected tool used to study and diagnose patients anywhere in the world and was originally published by the American Psychiatric Association before being translated into Arabic. It remains an essential tool used by universities to prepare psychiatry students. The medical pamphlets and magazines you often find in doctors’ offices that explain certain conditions and diseases along with their symptoms and treatments are often translated into Arabic to make this information accessible to Arabic speakers.

Another contribution of Arabic translation to education is the intelligence tests that are still widely used in public and private schools throughout the Middle East and in Arabic-speaking countries outside the region as a student placement tool. School officials often administer these diagnostic tests to distinguish students with special education, general education, or “gifted” placement needs. One of the most popular intelligence tests is the Standford-Binet IQ Test. The test was developed by Alfred Binet, a French psychologist, in the early 1900s.

Accurate Arabic translation helps from all walks of life and all professional backgrounds take advantage of the age of the internet and the boom in technology devices and software program usage. The simplest component of the internet is websites. Internet Live Stats claims that there are more than 1.5 billion websites on the internet today with just under 200 million of those being active. Websites like Forbes Middle East and popular news websites, like Arabic CNN, are translated into Arabic or undergo Arabization in order to present visitors with relevant news and discussions. Social media platforms also highlight the need for Arabic translation and Arabization because some provide valuable business information (LinkedIn) or are great marketing tools due to their popularity (Facebook).

Arabic translation of electronic content is possibly the biggest contribution of Arabic translation to humanity in modern times. Business executives, entrepreneurs, students, educators, and pretty much anyone whose native language is Arabic can download e-books (electronic books, which often cost less than traditional books and save space) on countless personal enrichment, entertainment, or business development topics. E-books require e-reader apps or reader tablets, like Amazon’s Kindle Fire. User manuals and safety manuals that come with these technological devices and others are only beneficial if professionally and accurately translated into the prospective customer’s language.

Arabic Translation Services continue to serve humanity by helping people improve their daily home and office lives with software and apps, excel academically by using translated textbooks and respected references, enjoy reading fun, thought-provoking literature, or staying informed and up-to-date about the latest worldwide news in business, technology or science. The LSP should be able to use computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools to translate legal documents, financial reports, marketing materials, and other content that keeps the influence of Arabic translation strong.

Hiring a top language services provider is essential to getting your paper-based documents or web content translated into Arabic. Your expert Arabic translator should be someone who is matched specifically to your project. TransHome employees are your expert translators who have a high degree of cultural competence and advanced language skills ensuring that your translated material reads as purely native with the author or developer’s original meaning consistent. This translation transparency is a promise of the translation and localization Service Provider.

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